photography and video creative content creation studio

We are agency partners. We are brand evangelists. We drink the Kool-Aid. We create dynamic visual content with a focus on building brand narratives.



The team you need. When you need them.

Watt Second is a dynamic creative studio founded by a world-class Photographer (Roo) and a world-classier Art Director (Emily). We’re good at distilling a brand's visual identity, developing creative strategy and producing on-brand content. We’re built from the ground up to be your content creation studio. And we’re selective about the agency & brand partners we commit to, because we want to make sure we’re the right fit for the right brands — and we want to make sure we can fully support your needs.

All custom. All the time.

We specialize in in-studio creative execution for advertising agencies and design firms who specialize in working with retail and apparel brands. Our daylight studio in St Paul is our homebase and creative hub. We also work on location or as in-house contracts. We’ve worked hard to be a right-sized content creation studio for everything from local brands to national agencies. We are adaptive, affordable and our services are fully custom. We have a roster of creative troublemakers that come on board for projects as needed. We curate the specific team needed to expertly bring your project to life. No more and no less. That’s part of how we’re able to deliver professional quality on small budgets. And we’re happy to prove it to you!

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